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  • Why The Nation's Biggest Retailers Are Rejecting Apple Pay

    In case you haven't heard, the switch has been flipped on Apple Pay with the iOS 8.1 update. Some of your favorite retailers now accept NFC payments from iPhone 6-toting customers.

    But not all retailers have accepted it with open arms. Even the ones who unofficially supported Apple Pay at launch (i.e. Rite Aid) have since abruptly pulled support. Yesterday another one of the nation's largest retailers, CVS, officially issued a block on Apple Pay support.

    Why is this happening?

    TechCrunch published a lengthy piece on why some of the biggest retailers — from Walmart and Target to 7-Eleven and Wawa — have decided to reject the biggest push into NFC payents from a biggest name in tech.

    The reason: MCX's CurrentC payments platform.

    In an attempt to avoid the 2-3% credit card fee that retailers are charged per trasaction, they are banding together to support a mobile wallet platform that pulls from customers' bank accounts instead.

    Loyalty rewards and discounts are automatically applied at checkout, but TechCrunch is calling the QR-code based payment process "clunky," while John Gruber pegs the coalition of retailers as being "based more around solving the retailers’ credit card fee problems than the consumers’ payment friction problems."

    Will CurrentC find an audience, or will it go the way of the dodo, simultaneously creating ill-will for the retailers backing it? In either case, you should learn more about it.


  • Storymaking: The Next Evolution in Storytelling

    Storytelling in marketing and advertising has been all the rage for the last 5-10 years. But there's a new term in town - storymaking - how brands today are activating their customers and turning them into not only evangelists but also publishers.

    I took a look at the implications of storymaking and highlight three brands that are already ahead of the curve.

    Read the full article here >> http://www.saydaily.com/2014/10/storymaking

  • Walmart analyst meeting: Top 3 takeways for suppliers

    Just puiblished insights from WM's analyst meeting. Basically, it's their 3 top goals for 2015 and beyond.

    1. Thorough rethinking: Walmart knows they need to adapt to effectively reach today's shoppers. Expect to see an increase in digital initiatives, smaller stores and a focus on fuel, fresh, digital connections. Now is the time for brands / manufacturers to advise WM on their specific categories and smaller store dynamics.

    2. Invest over harvest: Priority is growth. THis means more investments in fresh, in-stocks and faster check-out experiences (gasp). Expect some big changes in-store, changing merchandising, and other trip-driving services.

    3. Disruptive Innovaiton: Walmart wants to test "go to market approaches", learn from the failures and make them better. (some examples would be the canceled Scan&GO self-checkout,l aunch of e-receipts)

    How can our clients continue to help WM deliver on their EDLP but also help shoppers with fast and easy shopping trips?

    Check out the full article: (you'll need your Kantar login) - http://bit.ly/1sXFpvQ

  • How Target is promoting Halloween

    Check out how Target is using Instagram for DIY Halloween. Obviously, the items they use can be purchased at Target stores. very interesting. check it ou



  • Amazon Opening a Physical Store in NYC

    Amazon is opening a pop-up physical store in midtown Manhattan ahead of the holidays. Camp out in the NY office and stock up on your holiday shopping!


  • Walmart game changer - pickup system

    Walmart is testing a new concept called Walmart Pickup – Grocery, a service that allows customers to order online from a selection of 10,000 grocery and household products and schedule a pickup time for as little as two hours or as far as three weeks in the future. The experiment is taking place at a Walmart warehouse in the northwest Arkansas town of Bentonville, where Walmart is headquartered.

    read more about it here:


  • "Where there is adversity there is also opportunity"

    If you don't believe me, no worries. I have a much more eloquent, charming and articulate person to tell you an incredibly emotional story. 







  • The 5 Myths of Viral Content

    There are a number of myths about what makes content go viral, perpetuated by popular opinon. However, you'd be surprised to find out how many of these are flat wrong and what truly gives content he best chance to succeed (hint: there's no formula, but it's not magic either).

    You can read my thoughts about this topic on Say Media's blog >> http://www.saydaily.com/2014/09/viral-content-myths

  • Shopper Marketing Digital Playbook

    The “Playbook” is a brief rundown of the technologies and platforms – websites, mobile apps, social networks, etc. – that 13 key retailers are employing to drive digital shoppers to bricks-and-mortar locations or, increasingly, to get them to buy online.

    Check it out.  http://bit.ly/1va8RPy

    Email me if you want a PDF

  • Spoiler Alert!

    Feel guilty for binge watching, now Netflix wants to spoli your season.

    See how much spoiling you can take.


  • American Express Partners with Birchbox, Bonobos and Rent the Runway to Launch Inaugural “Online’s Day Off” Shopping Event...and it's tomorrow!


    American Express’ U.S. Small Merchant Group has partnered with Birchbox, Bonobos and Rent the Runway to present Online’s Day Off, a two-day event that kicks off with a thought-leadership panel yesterday, followed by a one-day shopping event tomorrow. The events will showcase innovative ways e-commerce pioneers have parlayed their online success into the physical world and bring new networking opportunities to small merchants.

  • Stunning!

    This series of photos was shot with a DSLR by Metron an American photographer.  He did not use any video, but successive stills and by changing the speed at which they are shown, he achieved some amazing effects. The subject matter is the natural canyons including Bryce, Zion, Grand etc.  The photos made me stop and reflect on the beauty of nature.


  • The Next Step in Grocery Wars: Personal Shoppers

    The innovative personal shopping app Instacart provides customers with personal shoppers who will either gather your requested items for pick-up at the store or deliver them to your home within 1-hour. Right now the service is available in 15 cities at supermarkets including Whole Foods, Costco, and Kroger.

    However, Whole Foods has taken it a step further, embedding shoppers in their stores already, just waiting for your order to come in with the promise of delivering the items in as little as 1-hour.

    It's a unique partnership between app-technology and manpower at grocers.



  • Only in Oklahoma, or not


    And only a month before, the University of Texas Media Guide went out with Texas spelled wrong.

    Support your local proofreader!


  • Mobile Ice Cream Social Using Beacon Technology

    This may be of interest to you if you are curious what brands are doing with mobile Beacon technology, or if you just really like ice cream


  • Pandora Is Booming Amongst Latinos, Why?



    Ran into this interesting piece on the total number of Hispanics listening to Pandora and why the digital radio is so successful amongst the cohort. 


    A missed opportunity for our partners if not acted upon and an explanation of how Pandora has set the grounds for more future success. 





  • worlds largest c-store is partnering with a loyalty provider

    Read about how 7Eleven is going to continue to expand upon their loyalty test with the company, BELLY.

    By the end of this year, over 2,600 7-Eleven stores’ loyalty will be powered by Belly’s digital marketing platform. This will bring the total participation to one-quarter of 7-Eleven’s locations in the U.S. and Canada.



    We have contacts at Belly so let me know if your retailer / client wants to run a program!

  • AmazonSmile Lets You Direct a Portion of Your Purchase Proceeds to Charity

    Today I stumbled across Amazon's "Smile" shopping portal. While this isn't brand new to Amazon, it is currently being strongly promoted on their website. The portal allows you to direct a portion of your purchase proceeds to a chartiy, and best of all -- you get to pick which charity to support. Retailers like Target have had successful social campaigns in recent years using similar tactics through Facebook, but Amazon's is right on its homepage and tied directly to your purchase.

    I'm personally a strong advocate of ethical commerce and do make purchase decisions based on what kind of social good may (or may not) result from how I spend my dollars. To me it's exciting to see Charity: Water and Pencils of Promise included in the AmazonSmile featured charities, though if you wanted to pick a different cause, there's a search option that allows you to pick from an extensive list of other participating charities. This includes local organizations as tiny as a specific school district's PTA.

    Check out the portal here: http://smile.amazon.com/ 

    Naysayers have pointed out that AmazonSmile is giving shoppers the warm fuzzy feeling without actually giving any extra money to charity. The donations are all coming from Amazon. Yes, this is a good example of "slacktivism," but if you weren't planning on donating $5 to a charity today and now with a click of a button you have placed a vote for where Amazon should direct its charitable giving, one could argue that's still a positive.